white t-shirts

the All-Purpose Tee

prices starting at

$4.30 each

color t-shirts

When You Need to Jazz Things Up

prices starting at

$4.80 each

pullover hooded sweatshirts

Keep Your Customers Warm in Cold Weather

prices starting at

$14.80 each


Nobody Likes a Sunburned Head; Keep 'em Cool in Style!

prices starting at

$4.35 each

drink koozies

Keep Your Cans Icy Cold During the Hot Weather!

prices starting at

$0.85 each


Perfect for Promotion and Giveaways!

prices starting at

$0.17 each

Over the years, I've printed on a whole lot of things. To name a few:

  • girlie tees
  • long sleeve tees
  • 3/4 sleeve tees
  • sleeveless tees
  • hats
  • sweatshirts
  • tote bags
  • baby clothes
  • beach towels
  • aprons
  • organic tees
  • recycled tees
  • union made tees

and that's not even including the many flat-stock things I've done. So if you've got a hair-brained idea, don't be afraid to ask if I can do it! Chances are good that I may have already printed on something similar and can give you a very reasonable rate to do so again!